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Singing Bowls - A Perfect Way to Relieve Stress


The Singing Bowls and Bowl-like musical instruments, which are often described as wind chimes, hung on walls or tables. Though the use of these bowls in Feng Shui practice started centuries ago in India, they find their way to the West over the last century. They are available from many sources, including antique stores, online shops, art galleries, music stores, and from many homes for sale or rent.


In Chinese astrology, the Chinese term for Singing Bowls is also called the "Heavenly Musician". A hanging bell or sitting bell is an upside down bell, supported at its base by a rim, usually made of precious metal. Such bowls usually exist in an assortment of sizes, ranging from some centimetres to about a meter in diameter. The concept of the Singing Bowls and other bowls using musical vibrations as energy healing remedies are based on traditional Chinese medicine beliefs. These bowls are said to produce energy in the room when it is opened, creating a kind of magnetic field that helps to cure ailments such as insomnia, stress, headache, inflammation and headaches.


They are claimed to produce relaxing vibrations through their resonance with the earth. In India, Singing Bowls are used to help people overcome fears and relax. These bowls at silverskyimports.com, when placed in the home, seem to create a calming influence, which gives people more energy and courage to face challenging times. And in Feng Shui practice, the singing bowls are thought to be good Feng Shui building materials because they create a balancing effect in the rooms they are placed in, affecting the energy flow of a room and its inhabitants.


There is a long history of the use of music and sound healing in both Eastern and Western medicine. Music has been known to alleviate tension and calm aggressive feelings, reduce anxiety and promote a positive mood. Some studies also indicate that listening to certain types of music may help to reduce some types of chronic physical pain. This makes it a very important aspect in achieving total body well-being.


Aside, from providing a soothing effect through its resonance, the Silver Sky Imports Singing Bowls also has the ability to change your mood and state of mind. These bowls produce different frequencies that naturally influence different human states of mood and emotion. It is through these frequencies that the bowls produce the sound of the music they are playing. So, using singing bowls as sound healing remedies not only improve your physical health, but also your mental and emotional well being.


Singing bowls are very easy to use and are available in most gift shops, health stores, supermarkets and Asian food markets. If you want to get to know more about these bowls, you can also go online and read blogs about this type of therapy. There you can read testimonials and learn more about these bowls. There are also online communities where you can meet other book lovers and hear their opinions about the effectiveness of these bowls. If you decide to give this type of therapy a try, you should definitely feel the positive effects on your body and mind.